The Hoe & Catwater
Staddon Hts
Breakwater Sound
...Walks of the Hoe with the harbour for our Mercantile Navy- following up the Panorama the hills and cliffs of Haddon Heights become visible with the watering place for the Navy in Bovisand bay and lastly that masterpiece of British Enterprise and skill the breakwater erected for the purpose of protecting the vessels anchored in the Sound from the heavy SW swell which always continually sets in there. This county is one of the delightful spots in our beautiful & sea girt land. "And so concluded this whole in so delightful word It is our home our native Isle"
March 28
Strong gales but being from the Wd way a land breeze
Seldom have we the felicity of witnessing such a day as yesterday, instead of the heavenly calmness I then so faintly endeavoured to describe we have today an equinoctial gale blowing with all its fury, whistling & howling through the rigging with music as terrific & sometimes as discordant as it is possible to imagine converting that sea on which but a few hours before not a ripple was to be seen into a foaming and fleecy...