April 1
April fools day fine weather & lots of sun; quarterly flimsies hourly expected; - terrible disappointment - So captain off to sign them. 
Tuesday 2.

Dined with the Hawkes

Then I leave & see the broker
Strong easterly winds, V cold; got the flimsies and went ashore and put mine in Hodge & newmans bank; dined and took coffee with the Hawke's passed my time very happily till 8 o'clock & was walking down to Mutton Cove to go off to the ship when I espied a capital chest of drawers in a brokers shop; from mild curiosity asked the price and was told 3 guineas; but as I did not particularly want them I did not like to go away without making an offer. I proposed to give him 50/-s haggled for a long time and got them for 57/6 the best thing I ever purchased ; - was exceedingly amused by being asked when I came on board "where would the devil get a new tail in the event of his...