the Devils dealing with Gin palaces
...Loosing his present one?. "D'ye give up?" yes! Ansr "Ask Thomson & Fearon; because they retail bad spirits" !!! Not so bad -------
Saturday April 6
Dined at Hawke's
Rather a break in my journal, no matter; - perchance it was better not to record my foolery at all - went ashore; dined and & took coffee at the Hawkes' took leave of my kind friends & went on board.
Sunday April 7

Dined at Hawke's
Waiting for the arrival of supernumeraries from Ports to sail for Lisbon. The steamer which was to bring them not having hove insight at 1 o'clock pm I thought I would run the risk of going ashore to the Hawkes's once more before sailing got a shore boat & went travelling in before a strong south easterly wind & came off when I found the ship not yet unmoored, of which of course I was very glad.