Tuesday April 9
(Vertical margin note: HMS Implacable from Plymouth to Lisbon)

About 5.30am arrived HM Steamer Lightning with supernumeraries to take passage in us to Lisbon. 9.30 unmoored and shortened in cable on S.B.L 40 fthms. PM Rec'd the depart, 5 weighed and made sail under double reefed topsails & foresails: - at 8 o'clock the Eddystone bow E.S.E 9miles and at 12 the Lizard Lt.. N.b.E. about 10 miles
Wednesday April 10 Lat. At noon by Acct 48 28'N Long by Acct 6 41'W Bar. 30.15; therm 49
Thursday April 11 Strong gales; seas several times breaking over the forecastle & waist netting. Ship under close reefed F & M top sail & reefed foresail; T Gall't yds on deck & masts struck; distance made good from noon yesterday to noon today 250 miles. At noon lat. obs'd 44 40' N Long. obs'd 9 2' W Bar. 29.89 therm 53 at 6pm. Sea struck the ship on last quarter & stove in quarter galley window, double breeched lower deck guns. At 10 we were ????? C Finistaire having run the dist. from the Lizard in less than 2 days.