Friday April 12
(Vertical margin note: HMS Implacable from Plymouth to Lisbon)

Ship under all sails, land on her quarter very distant. By obs'n Lat. noon 41 26N Long. 9 51' 30'�W Bar obs'n 29.80 therm. 57 distance made good since noon yesterday 201 miles.

Saturday 13 Exceedingly fine weather at noon the S. end of an extraordinary cluster of immensely high rocks called the Bailing bore S b E 8 miles. These rocks are distant from the Rock of Lisbon, or as it is now properly called Cabo de Roca 38 miles. Bar 29.90; therm 57
Sunday 14 3am made sail. Light airs and fine at daylight C Roca S.S.E. 11Miles okd a pilot boat pulling towards us, he arrived alongside at 10 45 and was received for the purpose of piloting us up the Tagus. At noon Guia light house bore east about 3 miles. In the afternoon we observed the flag of Rr Adm.Ommanney which we saluted with 13 guns; about 4 o'clock it fell calm with the ebb tide just commencing to make we therefore came to with the B Bower 14 fathoms, Belem Castle...