April 14
Belam Castle
... (a small but splendid specimen of the architecture of Auld Lang Syne) bearing EbS. about 1 mile distant.
Monday 15th
Moored in the Tagus off Lisbon

Theatro Real S. Carlos an Italian opera
At 9 o'clock we received a pilot from the flag ship and about  past 9 weighed and made sail at ten o'clock arrived at our destination & found lying here HM Ships Donegal, Ganges and Espoir, the French frigate Junon and a few Portuguese small craft Bar at noon 29 80 therm 73 Dined at 5 and immediately afterwards went on shore to see the place; found it rather late for this purpose so I sauntered with several officers of the ship into the Opera House which is certainly a majestic building and is deservedly considered one of the finest in the world. I was exceedingly delighted with the way in which the opera (Ignes de Castro) went off, it is throughout one of the most affecting and melancholy affairs possible to imagine and as the principal characters were not only well sustained themselves but...