April 15
...admirably supported by the inferior characters & choristers, (for which this house has always been celebrated above all others) it lost none of its effect in their hands. During the evening we were also entertained with several detached pieces that did the performers considerable credit, and the amusements concluded with a ballet (Peter the Great) which cost as much as 3000 sterling getting up the scenery, dresses etc. were magnificent & there were all together including Ballet dancers & others nearly three hundred people on stage. Got out about  past eleven & immediately went off to the ship.
Tuesday 16

De Kantsow, Swedish Ambassador
Noon more excessively fine weather Bar. 29.8 therm.76 went on shore to be introduced to the Swedish Ambassador (De Kantsow) at this court; I found both himself & his family exceedingly kind & affable. Walked thru the beastly streets of this most beastly place until it was nearly time for dinner; one specimen of the Portuguese cleanliness...