April 16
specimen of Portugese cleanliness.
...I think worthy of record; it is this; an officer of their Navy had been walking about 50 yards ahead of me for some time when he suddenly stopped at a respectable looking private house and knocked; the knocker was scarcely out of his fingers when he heard one of the upper windows of the house open, he took the alarm & rushed towards the middle of the street but ill fated youth, he was too late; - he was smothered ; - the Fille de Chambre !! had Emptied the pot de chambre !! The contents of which, as there is scarcely a water closet, except among the higher orders in the place, were anything but sweet! - Patience thou art indeed a virtue; - that Portuguese Naval Officer shook himself ; - wiped himself with his handkerchief & knocked again!!! After his first hasty oaths had been muttered there was not even a frown left on his countenance.
Wednesday 17 17th. As I was returning (after a long walk I had been taking) towards the quay for the purpose of getting off the ship, I observed...