April 17
On her right rode the king & on her left the first lord in waiting; - following them were the Lord Chamberlain, with his gold key of office, on the left and an aide de camp on the right of two maids of house & behind them some of the nobles of the court & about 30 servants in livery.
go to the Opera Ignes de Castro an Chr. de Guise

Count Faroga
Having got off to the ship and dined I went ashore to the opera where I again had the pleasure of seeing Ignes de Castro and afterwards a very stupid ballet called Catherine de Guise, in one part of which the whole strength of the enormous company was on stage. Count Faroga's family (as usual) at the opera tonight, in fact I believe they always attend when ever the house is open; - the Count contributes 5000 per annum towards its support in return for which as it is government property in great measure he is allowed the...