April 17
Thursday 18
public gardens
...monopoly of tobacco; - people often give a sprat to catch a herring. Went ashore about 12 o'clock and walked until 4 in the public gardens when I went off again for dinner; the gardens above mentioned, must be a perfect treasure in this salty climate during the summer months; in one part are some pretty flower gardens in another delightful shrubberies & the whole of which are beautifully shaded by the large trees which grow on each side of the walks while the numerous magnificent fountains which are found in every part of the ground give the whole appearance of most delicious coolness. 
Royal Palace

Holy Inquisition!!!
The palace situated near them, in Inquisition Square, has been nearly destroyed by fire while the house of the Holy Inquisition itself was perfectly levelled with the ground during the late struggles by the same destructive extremists.