Friday April 19
go to the opera Sancha della Castiila & Peter the Great.  King and Queen there
Went ashore after dinner to see the Opera "Lancia de Castiglia" and "Peter the Great"; thought the opera rather tame but the ballet good. The Queen and King were there in the private royal box; saw nothing to admire in the Queen but a great deal in one of her Maids of Honor . The Marquise de Loulè & the Count de Farabo's family were also there but the house altogether not so full as I have always hitherto seen it.
Saturday 20
Walked thru' several parts of the city which I had not seen before but discovered nothing worthy of notice.
Sunday 21 Service on board; after the prayers were said, sermon preached (which by the bye was not a bad one) and luncheon discussed, went on shore was shown thru' a magnificent church belonging to the Estrella convent, afterwards walked thru' the English burial grounds, the...