April 21
Monday 22

Dined rather attempt to dine at Caza de Porto
...most beautiful I ever saw with neat little unassuming church; and off to dinner. Went on shore after lunch with Lieut.Graham E.H. Hamond for the purpose of taking a comfortable walk saw thru' all the public gardens and turned into a Caza de Pasto to dine ordered from his printed bill of fare, containing the names of some hundred dishes, from soup a la Julienne Roast Pigeons , Bifet de beau !!! Green Peas, Fried Sole and one or two other dishes, not one of which was eatable, as they were all, not excluding even the peas, sent to the table smothered & swimming in rancid oil. We then had some decent cheese oranges & strawberries with sugar and Cremè ( this latter is a mixture of water 10 parts, milk 1 & chalk an indefinite quantity) For the whole including some porter we were charged the nominal sum of 2548 Reis. !!! It was truly ridiculous to see..