April 22
...the maitre d'hotel turn up his eyes & exclaim, as dish after dish was sent away rejected and another called for, No Haben, Senhor ? No Haben. Would an Englishman dine a second time at Caza de Pasto ? Never !
Tuesday 23
Wednesday 24
Walked thru' different parts of the city but saw nothing worthy of record
Thursday 25 Went with Capt'n Jason RN over the Ref. gardens & Turrita at Belem; - in the gardens there are some very chaste pieces of sculpture, a beautifully designed aviary and a number of delightful fountains - spouting their cool streams to an enormous height where the sparkling rays of light from the sun repelled as it were their ambitious encroachment upon his dominion & sent them trembling & in tears to the earth from which they arose. ----- The palace we saw in very good order as it was just finished preparing for the reception the Queen Dowager Adelaide...