April 26
...any one of our Royal residences in England. I walked in a so hurried a manner (from want time) thru' the apartments that I must defer recording a more particular account of it until I shall have again gone over it.
Saturday 27 Nothing occurred worthy of notice; employed myself in running about seeing the some of the wonders of this place & finished the day by dining at Caza de Pasta on the Casa da Sodrč our dinner for Hamond was with me; was a much better one than I ever saw here before it consisted principally of Soup a la Julienne, Poisson Perdrix a la diable some petit pois a l'Anglaise & a variety of dishes of the same kind, Cheese, radishes, water cresses, prawns champanga, & a decent desert the whole costing between 4 & 5 thousand Reis.