May 5th
...carriage of Portugal; - the Lancers and several other regiments were turned out to receive her. - After all I paid dearly for my sight as I had my pocket picked of a very excellent opera glass & I should not be at all astonished at seeing that infernally impudent Portuguese scoundrel who had robbed me staring at me with it next time I made my appearance at the Real Theatro de S Carlos. Yesterday Ashe of the Daphne dined with me & I think spent a very pleasant evening he left about  past 8, early for a 5 o'clock dinner.
Monday 6 Amazingly heavy rain all day; in the evening a number of officers of the squadron, including myself went to the opera, as it was for the benefit of an English girl, the principal dancer here; the opera chosen for the reception was Sancia di Castiglia & I was very much delighted with the manner in which the different dancrs & perfrs acquitted themselves...