May 12
Prettiest little secluded spots I ever saw, beautifully environed shrubberies & gardens interspersed with numerous nicely gravelled walks. After church returned the call of Le Chevalier de Kantzow, walked nearly as far as the aqueduct & went on board to dinner. ------ Went to hear Norma & was disappointed in the Fulotti Sang the prayer, it was a perfect failure, she however amply made up for it in the latter part of the 9th Scena 1 Alla in the part commencing
Tremi tu perche.
Oh non tremare, o per fida
no non trema per lei. ----------- and again in that beautiful part beginning
  Per figli so vi l'implora
Dah ! con ti con ti li prendi --------- li sostieni li defende--------- but in the duet
  Si fina all estrema
  Compagna tua m'aviar
She & her sister Claudia were indeed admirable