May 26
Sunday 26
Comd'r Wood, Hamond, Gouch & myself took a box at the Opera, had the pleasure of again witnessing Norma; was mighty pleased with the Prima Lenore but it would be useful to name the parts with which I was most pleased as there would be no end of quotations; between the acts we had a neatly danced pas de deux by Angelica & Clara; the little ballerina Gaseraldi look divine.
Monday 27 A Mr. Duff whom I met at the Opera last night did me the pleasure of dining with me, we spent a tolerably pleasant evening & pushed the wine about in good style. After which I put on board the steamer in our second cutter as he was going to start for England that evening, would I were going with him.
Elliott and myself called on the Misses Duff without we staid to enjoy our rum Bahea; they are...