July 8
(Vertical margin note: HMS Implacable from Lisbon to Malta)

Everything going on as usual nothing occurring worthy of notice with the exception of the Ganges actually beating us for a short distance with her topsails on the cap; we being at the time under all sail, studding sails low & aloft. Lat. 36 10N Long. Noon 7 15' 30w.
Tuesday 9

It certainly does take a heavy purchase to heave me from the sheets before my usual time, but the idea of seeing the land both sides of the Gut for the first time & getting a good view of old Gib: got me on deck a few minutes after 4 o'clock; soon after this time we were far enough thru the straits to be able to distinguish the town & strong fortifications of Tangier; - it is of Moorish origin & still I believe belongs to the Moors who carry on a considerable trade or rather traffic here. After proceeding some distance we came well in sight of the Rock; - it certainly has a most extraordinary & precipitous appearance but I was disappointed...