July 10
(Vertical margin note: HMS Implacable from Lisbon to Malta)

Very strong breezes scirocco in the morning soon increased to half a gale, this wind is of a peculiar nature; passing over hot & sandy deserts the air becomes so highly rarefied & the heat at the same time so intense as to cause a great depression of spirits, loss of appetite & at times rapid & convulsive breathing although the heat was so great with us we observed large quantities of snow on the mountains about 2 or 3 miles from us; - I believe the slopes of them are perpetually covered with it. Having consumed about 6 tons of water & provisions a day the ship became more lively & obediently improved in her sailing; we then moved aft several of the main and lower deck guns with a large quantity of shot when we were astonished to find that she held her own with the Ganges under equal sail    
               Lat. Noon                Long. Noon