July 10,
Thursday 11,
Friday 12
(Vertical margin note: HMS Implacable from Lisbon to Malta)

Nothing worthy of notice occurred these three days; on the 11th I dined with the captain on the Fr received great games firing at targets several very good shots; nothing but light airs for some days as the following Lat. & Long. concur.
10th Lat noon 36 30' Long noon 3 33' 30" W
11th Lat noon 36 24' 30 N Long noon 3 28' 30" W

Saturday 13 In the early part of the morning we had a calm with a dense fog; said to token in the parts an easterly wind, which we had in the afternoon, sailing qualities of the ship much improved, from her becoming lightened of the water, provisions, powder shot etc ;     The Ganges 3 or 4 miles astern to leeward at about 6pm at which time we were within a few yards of an extraordinary fort of the Spanish coast on our extremity of which is Gaho de Gaete with a small tower near its extremity this Cape may be known by two remarkable hillocks called the two friars situated a short distance from it on your right...