July 13
(Vertical margin note: HMS Implacable from Lisbon to Malta)

...as you face the Cape; it may also be known by a very conspicuous patch of white chalky rock near to the water's edge between the Cape & the two friars before mentioned.
Lat. Noon               Long. Noon
Sunday 14 Divine service performed in the Garendon which I did not attend; the heat during the day most oppressive from another scirrocco ; - Captain Harvey dined with us at 3 - about seven the wind came right aft; the Ganges being about 4 miles astern. Reading an American newspaper after dinner observed the following conundrum not so bad for a Yankee; if Mr.        were to hear his panorama burnt to the ground why would he be like an orphan? - Ans: because he would then have no Pa nor a ma. -
Lat. Noon               Long. Noon