July 15th
(Vertical margin note: HMS Implacable from Lisbon to Malta)

Fine weather but exceedingly warm; course about E. - Wind ditto !!! Thus we have a retrospective view of Cape de Gaeta very distinct; a prospective one of Meritima scarcely visible in the vista of time; - but of Malta !!! the utmost stretch of imaginations eye, cannot obtain the most imperfect outline, so distant & so deeply shrouded in the veil of futurity does it appear. Some days since During twenty four successive hours (from the light airs & calms we have met within the Mediterranean) we averaged only half a knot an hour. When we shall arrive at our destination it is impossible to have the slightest idea. The Ganges still spares us sail but not much at sunset this evening she was, about five miles astern & her leeward foresail, topsails, top gall't, jib & driver, ourselves under the same, with the addition of mainsail, royals & flying jib