July 15th
Soon after ten o'clock two small lights were visible in the horizon apparently those of a steamer upon which we burnt a blue light which the vessel carrying the lanterns answered with a similar combustible; she then stood for us & when sufficiently near we spoke her & learnt that the English fleet were up the Archipelago & that the Egyptian fleet had put to sea, the steamer that gave us the news being the Megaera.    
Lat. Noon 36 46' N Long noon 0 33' 30" W
Rock Toro N72E 23E 441 Miles
Tuesday 16
Lat noon 36 53' N Long 0 27' E
Rock Toro N72E 394 Miles
Wednesday 17
Lat noon 37 9' N Long 129' E
Rock Toro N73E 346 miles
Thursday 18 About 1.40am so heavy a squall took her under all sail that we were obliged to fly the sheets to it
Lat 3730' N  Long 2 33' E 
Rock Toro N73E  280 miles