Monday Aug 5
At noon C. Dora 16  W & C. Sigei ( ??yte - ???? ) N37W 97miles. -
Tuesday Aug 6 Noon Cape Baha N46 E 44 miles . - Mt Athos N.W.  N at 7pm.
Wednesday 7th Noon S.E. end of Tenedos N 45 W 38 miles
Thursday 8th Noon S.E. end of Tenedos N.E 4miles.
1.30pm saluted the flag (red at the main) of Sir R . Stopford with 17 guns;
3pm from its falling calm compelled to shorten sail & come to between Tenedos and the Main; S.E. end of Tenedos W.N.W. ; - Madeum Island N b W  W -
Friday 9 9.30am weighed & made sail, leaving for Bassikia Bay; 11.30 shortened sail & anchored in 7 fathoms in Bassiskia Bay; found lying here HMS Princess Charlotte (flag) Rodney, Powerful; Asia, Ganges, Vanguard; Bellerophan, Minder Pembroke, Castor, Tyne & Daphne also 5 French line of battle ships a frigate & corvette.
1.30pm arrived HMS Beacon; warped into our proper berth for signal.