Aug 8
Falcones' Shipwrecks.    
Wed'y 11 Fever committing terrible ravages among the people ashore who have come up from S?????? to supply the Basikia fleet officers of the ship in the list with it.-
Rumours afloat that Mahamet Ali has made such arrangements with his people as to induce him to give up the Turkish fleet; should he do so in all probability our services will no longer be required here. - 
Friday 13 Dear old Hamond's second and favourite sisters birthday; - with him drank her health in some of the best Collier's cellar could afford;- after coffee pulled with Hamond in the dingy to half the ships in the squadron and about  past 8 came on board again when we wound up the day by incarcerating some of Lady Fitzalen's bride cake & drinking her health